How may a Changemaker channelise Angst!

Recently Aparna Krishan, highly inspiring conscious changemaker, who been living and working in a village in South India for more than two decades after a contemporary modern education in Delhi, recently shared this post on her Facebook wall:

For saying this, have been unfriended and blocked by some people who posts very erudite posts on poverty. And then I wonder about the very value of erudition.

What is being judgemental ? I have been told I am that.

When I tell our very-well-off compatriots that that very-well-offness is the problem, when juxtaposed with wrenching poverty ?

For one thing in a finite world if one amasses more, there is less for others. For another when one is hungry, and another is feasting, it is soul destroying for both.

Why is saying simple things called being judgemental ?

I contemplated a bit, and, although I am puny compared to her huge wisdom and the huge beneficial impact she has created in her sphere of influence, I gathered some courage and posted this response:

Perfectly valid enquiry. Probably one of the most fundamental enquiries that humanity seems to have almost always grappled with and failed mostly.

The masses (whether in poverty or the indifferent affluent masses) have absolutely no clue (they might take necessary action if they had access to real awareness).

On the other hand, the access to transformation is with the leader.

So, the question is what are you trying achieve by these posts? Just a let out or you want to actually bring a change in people?

Now, you are an inspiring changemaker and a leader. That means, you and your work has the power to influence people.

Perhaps, a critical enquiry for a changemaker is – how do I help people think and begin working on transforming themselves and people around them? How may more people join this movement? Do I always need to give stick? As a leader do I have the responsibility to inspire as well?

Finally, how could my work (and my communication about it) be more effective in bringing about the change I wish to see in this world?

So, it is you who has the power (to the begin with, simply the power of having clarity of thought – as you say – “these simple things”) and, maybe the people who balk at your comments, are perhaps weak?

Aparnaji was kind enough to respond graciously:

I simply table my thoughts, my angst. If it gives someone something new to think of, so be it. Processes have to be collectively evolved.

Today, I messaged her and shared my interest in restarting my journaling and sought her permission to quote her. Her response:

Please take what you please. I consider credits avoidable and irrelevant simply because what we draw we draw from the larger pool, the ideas of infinite people past and present, and we simply return our version of the understandings to the common pool and move on. Precisely as per your comment of yesterday !

She was referring to the UG Krishnamurti’s way to declaring the copyright alert I had shared earlier:

My teaching, if that is the word you want to use, has no copyright. You are free to reproduce, distribute, interpret, misinterpret, distort, garble, do what you like, even claim authorship, without my consent or the permission of anybody.

On that note, let us end today’s musings…Please take what you please….

You are also invited to visit the Facebook page  where Aparnaji is tirelessly helping Women from Paalaguttapalle (Dalitwada) being engaged in high quality stitching, sharing work evenly and maintaining precise accounts helping their families through drought.

She also maintains a blog here: A new website is also being worked upon

Please look at this post to get a quick idea about the bags being made by the women – these cotton bags are an excellent choice for conferences, weddings and personal use.

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